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Extra-Ice.com is a website that is built and maintained by the Rogers family of Edison, New Jersey, Reno, Nevada, Chandler, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. There are none people in the Rogers family: Dale, Deana, Zac, Ben, Tre, Sam,and Jaesa - and we can't forget Andrea and Aurora Rogers who are the latest additions. This web site is a collection of pictures and thoughts. Posted here is a "blog" by Dale, a professor of logistics and supply chain management at Rutgers University. And, a lot of other stuff to come in the future.

We hope you enjoy this web site. Comments or questions can be directed to Dale@extra-ice.com.


Here is Benjamin with his birthday balloons. Ben has always loved balloons and his birthday. He turned 24 a couple of months ago and he still has his balloons.

Ben's birthday balloons

Jaesa and Dale are posing in front of one of the buildings at Boston University in April 2013. Jaesa wanted to see some colleges there. She thought the boys were cuter at BU than Harvard or MIT. Go figure!

Dale & Jaesa in Boston

Here is Deana in Central Park on what was the first nice day in early May 2013. We had not had a break for a very long time - and it was great to get out in the New York City sunshine in Central Park.

Deana at Central Park

Deana Rogers going for a walk with her husband by the snowy woods near our house in Edison. The snow was falling and it was a nice, cold night in January 2013.Deana Rogers walking by the snowy woods January 2013 This is Aurora Rogers sitting in a rocking chair at Cracker Barrel. Aurora likes rocking chairs and Cracker Barrel.. She is kind of like her Great-Gransmother, maybe. Aurora at Cracker barrel i nthe rocking chair

This is Aurora Rogers at 11 months old. Our precious granddaughter was born on February 24, 2012. At 11 months old she is figured out how to stand up on her own. That is a big girl!


Aurora lives in the Phoenix area with her mom and dad. We wish she was closer to New Jersey - or really that we were closer to Phoenix.Aurora Standing Up

Zac and his brothers at the UNR Honor Court

Sam, Tre, Ben, Zac and Andrea at the Honor Court at the University of Nevada in May 2011. Zac graduated with his MBA. There is a slideshow below that shows this picture along with several others.

Zac and Andrea engaged!!

Zac Rogers & Andrea Ellingwood

Zac and Andrea got engaged Sunday, July 10, 2011. We are excited that Andrea will be joining the Rogers family. She is a great girl and we are excited for Her and Zac. When are they getting married?

Waiting for the Frewaorks in New York City.

Here are Jaesa, Sam, Deana, and Ben waiting for the fireworks to start near the Hudson River at 33rd street in NYC. There were a million or so people jammed into the area near the river to watch six barges full of fireworks get shot into the air. Not all of the people near us embaced appropriate American customs regarding showering and deoderant before venturing out to celebrate the 4th. Yikes!

Dr. Donald J. Bowersox

July 27, 1932 - July 4, 2011

Dale & Don Bowerson

Here is a picture of Dale Rogers and Don Bowersox in Sao Paolo, Brazil in April 2011. Don passed away on the 4th of July from a bad reaction to a chemotherapy treatment he was taking for throat cancer. Don was Dale's old professor and someone who was like a father to many - including Dale. He was a great man and will be missd. In this picture Don was harassing Dale just after being introduced by Dale at Future.Log in Sao Paolo.

Here is Jaesa on her first day out of school for summer. She wanted to go shopping in New York City. She wore her father out walking from one end of Manhattan to the other. It was fun.

Jaesa out of school Summer 2011

NUR MBA Graduation Spring 2011 Zac, Tad, Garrett, and Anton Here is a picture from the University of Nevada's Graduate Commencement in May 2011. works to start near the Hudson River at 33rd street in NYC. There were a million or so These guy are old high school buddies from Spanish Springs - plus Dale. On the left, Mike Kanellis is entering his third year of Dental School at UNLV, Garrett Brothers, Tad Kelly and Zac Rogers all finished their MBAs at UNR, and Russ Wallace is an engineer in Reno. They have done well and are only 23-24 years old.

Jaesa, Deana and Dale at A Midsummer Nights' Dream at Spanish Springs High School

We went to A Midsummer Nights' Dream on Saturday.  Here I am with my girls.  Jaesa was beautiful - and scared me to death.  There is a lot of the play where the actors -especially the fairies - are roaming around in the audience.  I was sitting on the left aisle in the middle section.  At one point, Jaesa snuck up on me quietly from behind and put her face right in my face.  It really startled me.  I yelped - like Dad did when Charles the dog barked in his ear 35 years ago - and the whole audience (and some of the cast) laughed.  It was a really great moment for my

Dale Rogers' 54th Birthday at Fuddruckers in Reno

This is a picture of all of us on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at Fuddruckers' in Sparks. It is my last birthday in Reno, and my 54th altogether. I can't believe I am 54

On the right is a picture of the five kids from Saturday, May 15, 2010. Sam won "Most Outstanding Senior" for the boys at Spanish Springs and they had a nice ceremony for all of the kids from the various high schools at UNR yesterday.  Typically, Samuel had no idea why he won, but when he accepted the award he was pretty funny.  His mentor teacher did not show up, and as my boys often do, Sam started talking about super powers and said that his teacher had the power of invisibility and was in the room but that we just could not see him. The kids have always believed that there must really be superpowers.  No one else took their acceptance speech as an opportunity to entertain - but I knew he would.  They just can't resist trying to be funny if there is a potential audience in front of them.

At any rate, Deana took this picture outside of the Education building near their grandparents brick (years ago I bought a brick that says "Frank and Alice Rogers" out front of this building) and it was cute to their parents.

Dale Rogers, Zac Rogers, Ben Rogers, Tre Rogers laughing at Hot August Nights in Reno

This picture is from the 2010 Hot August Nights in Sparks, Nevada. Too bad we didn't have grey mustaches like almost everyone else there. There is almost nothing better than laughing with my sons.

Dale Rogers backyard fire

Here is a picture of Dale not being safe with fire. There was an old tree in the backyard that needed to be disposed of. Dale pulled it over the top of the small firepit and it exploded. It got so hot that it melted a plastic trash can that was sitting about 20 fet away. You can kind of make out Dale on the far right of the picture. Tall fire, huh? One of the neighbors from down the street came running over worried that the house was burining down. Dale is now banned from burning in the backyard.

Sam ROgers' graduation from Spanish SPrings High School June 2010

Sammy graduated from Spanish Springs High School in June 2010. He had a great time there. We are going to miss Spanish Springs. It is going to be weird to have Jaesa attending a high school in New Jersey. Here is the traditional pose with all of the brothers and the sister. Left to Right: Ben, Jaesa, Tre, Sam and Zac.

Dale & Deana Rogers at Sam's Birthday

Dale and Deana on a warm summer night, August 21, 2010. August 21 was Sam's 18th birthday. it is hard to believe that Sam is 18 and a new freshman in college.


As quite often happens with kid birthdays, the celebration was at the Olive Garden.


Dale, Deana and Sam Rogers

Here is Sam with his very old parents. We were pretty proud of him. He did a nice job in high school.


Jaesa Dance Recital 2007

Here is a picture from early June 2007. It was Jaesa's Dance Recital again at Bartley Ranch. As usual, it was a beautiful night in Southwest Reno. You can see that in two years the kids have gotten a lot bigger than they were a couple of years before.

Homecoming 2007

Here is my favorite picture from Spanish Springs Homecoming Fall 2007. Tre won Homecoming King. Ben won it last year and it was pretty cool that Tre won this year. Spanish Springs High School is a pretty big school and I don't know what the chances are that two brothers would win in back-to-back years.

This picture was taken at halftime. Tre had to go back and play and so he gave his little sister his crown and sashes to wear until the game was over. You can see she enjoyed that.




Ben and Tre at the Spanish Springs Prom

2007 Spanish Springs Prom Here are few pictures from the 2007 Spanish Springs prom. Kids sure wear different stuff than they used to. Benjamin wore his Mitchell & Ness Atlanta Hawks throwback jersey and Tre wore a golf shirt with a 3-piece suit. TreTre won Prom Prince which was pretty cool. Here is a picture of the two brothers at the prom.

Ben Rogers & David Longo at Senior Sunset

Senior Sunset Here are a few pictures from the Spanish Springs 2007 Senior Sunset. Above is a picture of Ben Rogers & David Longo. David lived with the Rogers' family for the early part of 2007, and it feels like he is one of our boys. It was great to have him with us and we know he will be successful.

Dale ROgers Foundation Professor Speech

Foundation Professor Ceremony. In early June, the University of Nevada honored three faculty members as Foundation Professors. Dale was lucky enough to be one. As part of the deal, Dale got his name engraved in the granite in the Honor Court on the Quad. When your name is engraved in granite and you are not dead, that is pretty nice.

It was a beautiful night. The Honor Court at the University of Nevada is right by the Quad and Morrill Hall. Morrill Hall is the original building that the University was housed in and is a gorgeous place to be at sunset on a nice Nevada evening. Too bad they fired me. Maybe Rutgers will be better.

Ben's Graduation - Rogers Family

Ben's Graduation. Ben graduated from Spanish Springs High School in June 2007. It was another great evening. His family was very proud of him. And yes, Dale and Zac both brought books in ase the ceremony was boring.


LRN Conference 2006

Tad and Zac at University of Newcastle

Zac and Tad at the University of Newcastle

In early September 2006 Tad Kelly and Zac Rogers went with Dale to the Logistics Research Networks conference at the University of Newcastle in Newcastle, England. Zac and Tad presented a paper they wrote while for the SBDC and the Center for Logistics Management at the University of Nevada this summer. Their paper on alternative fuels was accepted (67% acceptance rate) which is pretty good for a couple of 19-year-olds. There were a couple of Ph.D. students at the conference, but mostly there were UK and European logistics professors. There were no other undergraduates there presenting papers.

We stayed at the conference on Wednesday-Thursday and then drove over to Manchester so Dale could meet with some folks on Friday that work for a logistics company there. After the meeting, Dale went with the boys to a Tesco store and then to the Old Trafford Shopping Mall. We played laser tag on the green team.

There were two teams - Green and Red. The red team consisted of some local Manchester kids. The green team was Zac (Nightwing2), Tad (Firestorm), Dale (Luvdaddy the QuietStorm), and 6 guys that might be Taliban. The Taliban were nice but not very good laser taggers. They were yelling in Arabic to each other and to us. The red team killed the green team. It was so bad that Dale was the second high scorer on the green team - and he was just a giant glow-in-the-dark target. But, Dale is an assassin. He might work for the CIA - we don't know.

St. Andrews Old Course. On Saturday, we drove back to Scotland to get ready for the flight home on September 10. Tad is a former captain of the Spanish Springs High School golf team and he has been working as a golf expert at the Reno Sports Authority. He was pretty excited about walking around the course where golf was probably first played. Hostorians believe golf started at St. Andrews in the 15th century. Below are Zac and Tad posing on the Tom Morris bridge on the 18th fairway. Zac is sporting his Stewart plaid hat in honor of his ancestors. (Zac is Zachary Stewart Rogers) There are also a few pictures here from the mall and the day at St. Andrews. There are a few here where Zac took his shirt off and danced in the Atlantic Ocean. At least, we think it is the Alantic Ocean. It might have just been yucky water.

Zac ROgers and Tad Kelly on the TOm Morris bridge at St. Andrews Old Course

Tre's Birthday Tre turned 16 years old on June 25. We went for a long walk from the movie theater to the tire store where the Suburban was getting four new tires. It was a nice, long, hot walk.

Darth Maul

Then later that evening, we ate outside in the backyard with the whole family (and a couple of extras) and Tre opened up his presents. One of the presents he was really hoping to get was a Darth Maul double-sided light saber. As you probably know, there is nothing cooler than light sabers. The boys have a bunch of them and when Tre came outside in his father's bathrobe with a Darth Maul mask and his new light saber, a light saber fight immediately erupted. It was a very typical Rogers' evening with boys jumping around, fighting and posing.


Sonny Crockett - Miami Vice

Sonny Crockett - Zac



Josh Says "Goodbye" Josh Barry said goodbye this week. Josh Going Away Party

Josh is often around our house and is a great kid. He had to leave this week for the start of football practice at the University of Hawaii where he will be playing in the defensive backfield for the Rainbow Warriors. Ben organized a going away party for Josh which included a lot of cheeseburgers and hot dogs - and I mean a lot of them - and a handstand contest on the basketball court. Sam got a lot of folks to get into the hot tub. I think he was hoping that some of the girls that came over would get into the hot tub, but it was mostly sweaty high school and college boys instead.

During the party, Zac and Garrett worked on their math homework. They took classes this summer at the University and class ends on August 4. They did not stay in the house working on their math for that long.

We are really going to miss this young man. Most everyone else that hangs around our house is matriculating at the University of Nevada. Josh is the first to leave town.

Nevada will be playing at Hawaii on October 7. Mike (one of the strong-looking young men in the handstand pictures) will be playing against Josh's team that day. Other than that day where we have to root for Nevada, we will be Hawaii fans for the first time. Deana told Josh that before he graduates we will come see him play in Hawaii some year.

You can also see a few pictures here where Zac was dressed up like the new "Sonny Crockett" from Miami Vice. The gun he is holding is actually the end to the water hose from our backyard. We went to see Miami Vice earlier that day and some of the boys dressed up as characters from the movie. They went to a party later trying to impress some of the young women with their "Miami Vice" coolness. I never heard whether or not that worked.


Zac Golfing at the Reno Hilton

Golfing with the kids. Here are a few pictures from late June and early July 2006. Dale, who you can tell from the pictures needs desperately to get some exercise, has taken up the sport of golfing because Ben has asked him to do so many times. Based on the success you can see Dale is having in the first few pictures, he decided to take the whole gang plus Logan and Jet to the Reno Hilton driving range (but minus Sam who was building houses in Mexico). it is a driving range where you hit golf balls at targets on little islands in a reservoir. It was a lot of fun. We spent $80 on a bunch of buckets of balls.


Getting Ready for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I am not certain that it is a good idea to put these pictures on the Internet. they are certainly not "Grandma-friendly." Benjamin and a bunch of his friends went to Savers and bought some secondhand girls close. That evening they went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the outdoor amphitheater at the Reno Hilton right next to where we went golfing.

Zachary also went to the movie. He took a young lady with him, so did not dress up like his brother. Otherwise, he probably would have. Girls do seem to have a civilizing effect on boys.

A lot of folks took pictures of Benjamin, Jason, Logan and Jet at the movie. When they walked into In-and-Out Burger later that evening, they apparently stood out in the crowd.

Brazil! During the middle of May 2006, Dale went down to speak at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's "Forum Internacional Technologia da Informacao Logistica Supply Chain." It was an event put on by Dale's buddy Cesar.

After the conference was over, Deana, Zac, Sam and Jaesa came down to Rio for a week. We missed Ben and Tre who had to stay home because of exams, Spring football, and the prom. While we missed them, it was beautiful and fun in Brazil.

We walked all over Ipanema and played at the beach. Eeryone went body surfing until they were exhausted.

Jaesa could not hardly until she got to see the monkey that Renata Figureida owns. Renata (pronounced Her-nata) is a consultant at COPPEAD and lives with her husband Bruno and a monkey. Jaesa loves monkeys and has stuffed monkeys and pictures of mokeys all over her room. She could not imagine how cool it was going to be to actually get to see a monkey.

Well, the monkey is nuts. It never stopped jumping around. It loved Jaesa and tried to show its affection by biting her ear. That was a little traumatic. The boys could not stop laughing at the crazy monkey.

This monkey, by the way, is a legal monkey and has a chip embedded in it. It is little - and nuts.

We also got to hang out at Cesar's house one evening and went to dinner at the Jockey Club with Dr. and Mrs. Paolo Fleury and their lovely daughter. While we were eating they ran a horse race.


Rogers' Kids June 2006

Jaesa's Dance Recital. One of the events that that makes us think that some are is here, is Jaesa's dance recital. it takes place every year at Bartley Ranch which is on the southwest side of Reno. Here are some pictures of the of the kids on the hillside just like last year. And yes, that is Dale working on his computer in the background of some of the pictures.


Phoenix. Dale and Deana went to Arizona the beginning of the week of March 27. We had a great time talking with Jim Kellso from Intel about a bunch of stuff.

After the research interview with Jim, Dale and Deana went to the Desert Botanical Gardens and played in the Butterfly Pavilion. It was warm and great.

Josh and Ben Sertoma 2006

Sertoma All-Star football game. Josh Barry (#4) was a linebacker and fullback in the northern Nevada high school all-star football game. They select seniors from all over the North to play in one final game (for most of them) in June. It was a beautiful evening at Mackey Stadium at the University of Nevada. Dale had been traveling a bunch and it was a great chance to sit outside on a nice summer evening with the whole family and a bunch of friends.

Hanging out after the Silver & Blue game


Mike Kanellis running the ball in the 2006 University of Nevada Spring Silver & Blue football game

Silver and Blue walking out with Mike

Sam, Zac, Mike and Tre after the Silver & Blue football game

Silver & Blue Football Game and Josh Berry singing in Carson City A couple of Saturdays ago we got up early and went to the University of Nevada spring football game. Our buddy Mike Kanellis (#36) played for the SIlver team as a running back and did real well. He had an 18-yard run and some great blocks. Mike redshirted this past season and it would be fun if he gets to play a little for the Wolfpack this fall. After the game he hung out with us for awhile.

Later that day, the boys and a bunch of their friends (Mike included) went to watch another friend, Josh Berry, be the warmup act for his dad's band Pufferbilly at a coffeehouse in Carson City. Josh wrote a lot of his own music and has a cool voice. Josh's dad played the bongo drums while Josh sang. Josh is a nice young man. He is at our house a lot. He is planning to go away to college next fall (maybe walk on for the University of Washington football team) and we are going to miss him.


Josh playing in Carson City


Easter in San Francisco! On Easter weekend we drove over to San Francisco. We usually go on a long trip for Spring Break, (New York in 2004, LA in 2005) but this year the University Spring break was in March and the Washoe County was the week of Easter. Dale is on sabbatical (but headed to Pittsburgh during Easter week) and Zac has to attend classes at UNR. So, instead of doing something during the week we drove over to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

It was great! We drove over on Friday night and stayed in Newark, CA. We went up to the city and walked around Union Square (Dale saw his friends at Niketown). Ben and Jaesa got a caricture drawn by a street artist, and for lunch we ate at our favorite pizza place - Uncle Vito's - just above Union Square.

At least, most of us ate Uncle Vito's. Zac fasted for Easter from Thursday night to Sunday after church - more than 60 hours. It was his own idea. On Saturday, Benjamin joined him in fasting.

On Sunday we attended Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. They have five services and John Ortberg (used to be at Willow Creek) taught. It was really nice. All of us enjoyed the service. Dr. Ortberg is a great teacher.

On the way home, we ran into a big snowstorm in the mountains. It happens sometimes out here, and it took us 9 hours to get over Donner Pass. It was beautiful - but slow. Below is a picture from I-80.

Ben's Birthday. On March 26, 2006, Benjamin turned 17. It is hard to believe that he is that old. He and three of his friends: Curt, Josh, and Jeremy, were joined by the Rogers' family at Ben's favorite restaurant - The Olive Garden.

Deana made Ben a cake, but he did not get to light the candles before his parents left for Phoenix. He wanted them to see the cake and candle ceremony, so he webcammed his mom and dad in Arizona. Everyone sang him "Happy Birthday." If you look closely at the picture above, you can see his mom and dad in the corner of the computer screen.





Sam gets his braces off and a haircut! When Zac came to pick up his parents at the airport on Wednesday, he brought his little brother Sam. We barely recognized him. Earlier that day, Sam had gotten his braces off. When he came home from the dentist, Benjamin gave him a buzz haircut.

The picture above is from the morning Sam got his braces off. To see Sammy after, simply roll over the braces.

Ben Modeling. Benjamin and a bunch of his friends modeled tuxedos during the middle of March. They are a bunch of nice kids, and they were modeling for something called "Ladies Day Out" at Spanish Springs high school. The event was a fundraiser for something or other. They are all football players, so it might have been a football benefit.

Benny did a nice job. His mother and sister enjoyed it. Jaesa took a bunch of pictures. Gaynell (Nick's mom) was the MC and I heard she was pretty funny.

The boys were pretty surprised when they heard that Ben's Dad had been a tux model 30 years earlier. I can't remember how many shows we modeled at, but it must've been around 20. The boys liked the stories of getting to dress in the same room with the girl models at the Dodge Mansion in Lansing, Michigan back in the 1970s. At any rate, the boys were surprised because Dale just seems like the slow, fat guy that does not move down the basketball court very quickly.

Benjamin and a couple of his friends were asked to be "hair models." Apparently, that means they need to grow their hair out so that some girls can do a bunch of stuff to it at some other show. If we get some pictures of that, we will post them.


Romeo & Juliet and Hiking at Redfield. Shaw Middle School is putting on the play Romeo & Juliet this spring. As you may recall, it is a tragedy. I don't know if it was a rule that every kid selected to be in the play had to have braces, but it seems like it might have been required. Listening to Shakespeare through braces has made for an interesting evening.

Sammy has done well as Mercutio. Mercutio is Romeo's friend who gets killed by Tybalt. Mercutio has a long speech while he is dying that is both dramatic -and as voiced by Samuel - pretty funny. Sam is a Rogers - which means he has a loud voice and is dramatic. It has been hard to hear some of the kids through their braces. Also, there is a bathroom next door to the stage/cafeteria and middle school kids kept going in there to use it. Unfortunately, you could hear them going to the bathroom better than you could hear Shakespeare.

Also, in this set of pictures, are a few from hiking near Redfield. Redfield is the new University of Nevada campus that I taught at last fall. I had wondered what was up above the Redfield campus, and on Tuesday, March 21, Deana and I finally went for a hike up there. It is great to be on sabbatical.

One of the interesting things we discovered was geothermal energy coming right out of the ground. I could not figure out why there was Moss all over the place. Then, Deana saw a tree stump and at first, thought it was on fire. You can see in the picture the steam coming out around the stump.

Hoops in the Snow. On a Sunday afternoon in March, it started snowing. Zac and Ben and some of their friends got the old man outside to play basketball in the freezing snow. Here are just a few pictures of shooting around. Zac has his new red Jordan XXI on and Benny is wearing his Air Max Pennys.

After Basketball, it was time for the hot tub (no pictures of that - be thankful). It felt great to sit in the hot water while snow flakes were falling on our heads.

Jaesa's Birthday Jaesa wanted to go to Kentucky fried chicken for her birthday. Her dad hates KFC, but he took everyone but Benjamin (who was working at a scholarship spaghetti dinner for Jessica and Cassie Welch - the two girls who were killed in a car accident on Pyramid highway in November 2004). Plus, Russ Wallace came with us. Later that night, we went to the brand new Super Wal-Mart that just opened up on Pyramid highway. Before the evening was over Zachary was ejected from the Wal-Mart for driving a scooter too fast down the aisles.

When the weekend came around, Jaesa had a bunch of girls come over for a "Clue-themed" sleepover birthday party. They played Clue, and they watched the movie "Clue," and they ate a bunch of stuff that was somehow related to Clue. There was a lot of screaming, and a lot of fun. Sam let them fix his hair - which was pretty nice of him - because after a while he had to get away from them. He could only take so much of screaming 10 year old girls.

JA Dance Benjamin and Tre went to the JA Dance on Saturday, February 4. Trè wore a lot of white. Ben went with pinstripes. Ben and his friend Jet went with cute girls that have the exact same names - Ally Kelly.

The JA Dance sounds kind of like something that was made up by a cheerleader mom for the popular kids. 35 kids from each school around Reno are sent letters inviting them to this dance. They are then supposed to invite a date and do the whole formal thing - tux, flowers, etc. It seems a little elitist, but Benjamin and Tre were happy they got letters inviting them to go to the dance.

We haven't heard much about what happens, but from the pictures it looks like they had fun.


San Francisco (January 6-7, 2006).

We went to San Francisco for a couple of days and walked all over. Zac suggested we go to Haight-Ashbury where the hippie movement started about 40 years ago. It was pretty groovy.

 I am typing one-handed this evening.  On Sunday I was trying to show the kids how to ride a unicycle. I am not as good as I used to be.  I fell down and broke/dislocated my left elbow.  I knocked off a little of the radial head just like I did 5 years ago with my right arm. I am headed to New York on Tuesday and we will see what the doctor says.


Christmas came and went quickly. Here are a few pictures from the Rogers' Christmas including our flood and the new green hot tub.

Sustainable-SupplyChain.com This website is the project website for the sustainability project we are working on during the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006.


Apple Pie Classic. This morning we played the "Apple Pie Classic." The Apple Pie Classic is our annual basketball game on Thanksgiving morning. We have a full court basketball court at our house, and every year it seems like it gets longer and longer.

We had four teams, green (actually white with green numbers), red, blue, and black. Zac set up a round-robin tournament where each team had to play all of the other teams and then the top seeds played the bottom seeds after the round-robin. He gave the green team a lot of rest between games - which was nice for his father. Some of you with long memories may remember that Dale used to play for the green team back in the old days.

It was really fun. We had more than 40 people here at "Rogers Park." And, the green team won the tournament even though they were one of the bottom seeds. But, playoff time is green team time.

Hunting for that Perfect Christmas Tree On Sunday, December 12, the Rogers family (except for Zac who was practicing for the Sparks Christian Fellowship Christmas play) drove up near Portola, California in search of the perfect Christmas tree. If you were thinking that the person that came up with this idea was a girl, you are correct. Many of the boys grumbled a bit as they got into the car for the ride to the Plumas National Forest. (Okay, it was really just Dale and Ben that were complaining)

At the end of the trip, I think the grumpy boys thought it was a great idea. It was beautiful out in the forest. There was a little snow - but not too much.

We did not find the "perfect Christmas tree" at the first two stops, but just before the sun went down at 4:30, Deana spotted it from the car at 55 mph. We turned around, parked, and ran over to the tree (with a couple of stops for pictures on the way). Deana and Ben sawed it down while Dale held it. After bungee-cording the tree to the roof of the Suburban we drove to another possible tree-finding spot so that Deana could compare tree spots and remember where we could hunt for a tree next year. We then stopped in Portola for pizza and then drove home listening to Lee Strobel's "the Case for Christmas."

We missed Zac, but it was a great day. And even though Dale and Ben thought that the fake tree stuck away in storage was fine, Christmas Tree Hunting for a real, fresh Christmas tree is a pretty fun sport.

More "Fun with the Campeaus" These pictures include making the room, going to the Spanish Springs vs. Fallon game on Friday night, October 21, 2005, and Jaesa's soccer game on Saturday morning. Jaesa's team, the Gold Diggers, won their game and will play in the championship next Saturday. It has been really fun to have Mike, Sheri, and the kids here. As you can see from the pictures, it is pretty cool to have giant cousins.
Michigan! The UNLC (University of Nevada Logistics Council - the students) and Dale went to Detroit during the second week of November 2005. On Friday, Dale visited the Surianos and then drove over to Lansing. It was fun.
Campeaus, Grandma Courey, and Jaesa's last socer game. After Mike, Sheri, and the boys left, Grandma Courey came to Reno. Jaesa and the Gold DIggers played in the U10 City Championship soccer game. After four quarters, two overtime periods, the Gold Diggers lost in a shootout 4-2. A lot of the girls cried - but not Jaesa. She was fine with 2nd place. One of her brothers (I will let you guess which one) thought she should be mad about the loss just like he is about Spanish Springs High School football losses.

A Thanksgiving Day tradition at the Rogers' house is the Apple Pie Classic. Every Thanksgiving morning we have a big basketball game. Here are a few pictures from 2003 celebration of the Apple Pie Classic. This year, Mitchell and Ness (the folks that make those great throwback jerseys) are sponsoring the game and donating 48 t-shirts with the logo above on the back and the Mitchell & Ness script on the front. You need to be here on Thanksgiving morning because the t-shirts and jerseys are sure to be collectors' items.

Blog (new posting August 21, 2005)

Spanish Springs High School Final Football Schedule We hope you can come watch! There is nothing better than watching the Cougars play on Friday nights. The action in the picture is from Friday, September 2 when Spanish Springs beat the Douglas Tigers. One of the blurs is Ben running down to hit someone.

Family Pictures. In early November we all went out to the University of Nevada campus to take pictures for Grandma Rogers Christmas card. Grandma Courey was visiting Reno from Grand Rapids and helped out with the pciture taking. Ben wanted to do some artsy shadow pictures. I doubt the shadow pictures are going to make the Christmas card. You can see how beautiful the campus is and how good-looking most of the Rogers family is - except for the fat guy.

Early Fall (September 24, 2005) This picture was on the front Sports page of the Reno Gazette Journal today.  Number 12 in the background wearing purple and coming to jump on the runner is Benjamin.  He played most of the game at linebacker and played pretty well.  He is kind of little (a little taller than his father and about 185 lbs) but he loves to hit people and he is pretty good at figuring out where everyone else is supposed to be.  He just flies (literally) into people.  He usually has a few bumps and bruises after games.

The boys were all sad that they lost to McQueen who is good every year.  Before the game, McQueen was ranked #1 in the state and Spanish Springs was ranked #3.  All of the kids (and the Dad and Mom also) were hoping that Spanish Springs could beat McQueen and be #1 in Nevada for a while.  But, alas, it was not to be.

It was freezing at the game.  It was not 32 degrees, but the wind was blowing like it never blows in Michigan .  We had to get there at 4 pm so that Deana and Jaesa could sell programs at the JV game.  (which I got roped into also) Tre's JV team won the junior varsity game.  Tre is a lot taller than his father and weighs 250 lbs.  It is hard to believe he was ever that little premie baby.  He is an offensive tackle and the video guy for the varsity. 

We left the field a little after 10 pm.  We came home, put ice on Ben's hurts, turned up the heat to 75, and went to bed.

This morning, Deana, Ben, and I went to Jaesa's soccer game.  We thought it was at 9:30 so we got there at 9.  The game was really at 10:30 so we had plenty of time to sit out in the cold some more.  After that, we went and bought a bed and furniture to go with it for Jaesa's new room.  Mike and Sher and the boys are coming out here in October to help out with some building.  I think it is going to be chaotic and fun when they are out here.

We got home from soccer and furniture shopping around 6 pm.  Then Deana and I went for a beautiful, cool fall walk. Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

The Campeaus come to Reno! My sister Sheri, her husband Mike, and Nathan (5), Peter (3), and Nick (20 months are in Reno at the end of October 2005 to visit and help out with a building project. It is great to have them here. The first night they were here, the boys played Star Wars with their big cousins. A couple of these pictures are of "Darth Vader Nathan." Peter went for a walk in the desert with his Uncle Dale, and Nick went to Home Depot at 8 pm pacific time with his Mom, Dad, and Uncle Dale. Nick does not like to sleep much. Peter went with Aunt Deana to twalk Jaesa to school. Jaes took the day off of school on Tuesday and watched all three boys. On Wednesday morning, she was quite ready to go back to school. She was more ready to sleep last night than the boys were. Plus, Peter has on his new, cool, "Extra-Ice" t-shirt. Spanish Springs Football, University of Nevada Football, and hanging around with new freshmen. It is football season and we have season tickets to both Spanish Springs High School and the University of Nevada. On Saturday, September 17, UNR beat UNLV and got the Fremont cannon back. It has been painted red (the bad color) for five years and is now blue after UNR won. It was cold but fun at the game. Bonus pictures - Spanish Springs Alumni. Tre filming the game, and the "Golddiggers" soccer team.
Jaesa's Soccer team and Spanish Springs Football. Here are a few pictures from Jaesa's first soccer game on Saturday, August 20. It was also the first scrimmage for the Spanish Springs JV and Varsity Football teams. Dale was on a plane home from Brazil and it was hard for Deana to be in two places at one time. After starting at tackle onthe JV team, Tre did the filming for the varsity scrimmage. One of the big linebackers in some of the pictures is Benjamin. Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was great being in Rio de Janeiro the past week at the XI Fórum Nacional de Logistica e Seminario Internacional run by my friend Cesar Lavalle. These pictures are from my hotel room across from Ipanema Beach and then hanging out on Saturday, August 20 (after a long week for both Cesar and I) with my Cesar and his lovely daughters Marcella and Priscilla. One of the pictures is us drinking "coconut water" right out of a coconut that the guy in the booth hacked up for us with a machete. It is always amazing to me that those guys have all of their fingers.

Light Sabers, Aden Aiazzi-Palmer, Deana's birthday, and rain in Spanish Springs. The first pictures in this series are of my nephews: Nathan, Peter, and Nicholas Campeau. They have Star Wars light sabers and they look like really cute jedis. Peter also discovered some heavy machinery in the neighbors yard and ended up getting a ride for him and his brothers on the backhoe. They are pretty cute kids.

I am still in Pittburgh this morning, but I understand we had a lot of rain and lightning in Spanish Springs on Thursday, July 21. The tree in front of our house got hit by lightning - for the second time. I thought lightning never struck twice in the same place. Tre and Jaesa went out and played in the flood in our street.

, Jessica Aiazzi-Palmer and her husband Nik brought over their new baby on Saturday. He is wearing one of Zac's old outfits. Jess was a student of mine and then worked with me in the Cetner for Logistics Management. They live in Denver now where Nik is a lawyer.

It was also Deana's birthday on Sunday. We usually go up to Lake Tahoe and play in the water and cook hot dogs. Unfortunately, the car got sick on the way up the mountain. We turned around and Jaesa got cookies for her mom and put candles in them. The car is now feeling better and we are going to try again in a week or so when we are all back in Spanish Springs.

Soccer practice and Hot August Nights. Jaesa had soccer practice on Thursday, August 4. she has never played on a team before and so Sam and I hung around after practice to play a little soccer with her. Then, we went down to the Peppermill for "Hot August Nights." Zac was selling license plates in the middle of about a million old cars and even more people. it was fun to watch him. I heard there are 400,000 people in Reno for Hot August Nights this year.there are also a few pictures in here of Deana's flowers. Also, one of the first things that Samuel did when he got home for Michigan was give his mother a black eye. It was an accident. The ladder up to his bed broke and Deana tried to catch him.
Sam to Michigan, Jaesa 1st day of 4th grade, Playing in the fountain at the Sparks Farmers' Market, and Union Square in San Francisco. Sam went to Kimball Camp in Michigan to see his Uncle Harold, Aunt Pam and cousins. Jaesa started 4th grade (which is hard when you are the only one in school and it is 100 outside). Jaesa and Tre (who just got home from Mexico) were playing in the fountain in downtown Sparks at the Farmers' Market. And, Deana and Jaesa went with Dale to San Francisco. They stopped at Union Square. (July 16, 2005) 4th of July. Here a just a few pictures of the family riding around in Zac's car (He was not home yet from Europe) and watching fireworks in Sparks. We were down to our two little kids on the 4th of July.
Saturday In The Park (June 25, 2005) This is a short video dreamed up by Jaesa. The plot may not be clear but I think the idea is a day at the park with her friend Jennie and their dogs. Since the Rogers do not have any animals, Jaesa borrowed her dog from Jennie. Tre's Birthday. (June 25, 2005) Tre is 15. His big brother Zac called from Italy. His mom made a cheescake. And a bunch of Ben's friends came over to celebrate with Tre. Tre put all of his candles close to each other so they would make a big flame.
Zac's Father's Day cartoon. (June 19, 2005) Zac is in Europe for the next few weeks on his senior trip. Before he left last Wednesday, he made a cartoon for his dad. This cartoon made his Dad laugh until he cried. This may not be as funny to you - but if you know our family it is pretty funny. Thanks Zac! It means a lot to your Dad. Taking a break with the LG. (June 21, 2005) Deana and I went for a walk last night up at the high school while the sprinklers were going. Then today we drove up to Susanville with the top down on the T-Bird. We ate lunch in a cemetery where a guy got killed by Indians and then they named a county in California after him (Lassen). I posed in front of the Lassen County Courthouse - very Rogers. County courthouses remind me of summer vacations growing up. It was a great day.
The Big Graduation Party for Zac, Garrett, Mike, Russ & Tad. (June 11, 2005) Fathers' Day (and Zac leaving for Europe, Deana and Jaesa doing Oatmeal masks, and Ben's car (93 Lincoln Towncar for the young pimp)) We went up behind our house near the Spanish Springs Airport and went for a hike. I am wearing my new "Pistol Daddy" Fathers' Day hat. I am not the "Pistol Daddy" because of a fondness for guns. Instead, I think the kids were saying something about my basketball.
Zac's Graduation, Ben's Sports banquet, and getting ready for the graduation party. (June 10, 2005) Zac's last Day of School and other stuff
Jaesa's dance Recital at Bartley Ranch. Jaesa had her dance recital outside at dusk. All of her brothers were there to watch her. She wore #23 just like her brother Benjamin wore for Spanish Springs last fall. In fact, ben made his mom go to the storage unit to get out his practice jersey so he could be #23 and support his sister. Southern California with Micah
Spanish Springs Prom (May 29, 2005)
"Hamlet, Catcher-in-the Rye, and Beowulf " This is a video project that Zac, Garrett, and Mike did for their AP English class. It is long (26 minutes) and pretty funny. In their version Hamlet and Beowulf are world-class ping-pong players.
Lip Sync Contest, Senior Sunset, Prom, and other stuff (May 28, 2005) "Funkytown" video. Zac and Garrett won the lip sync contest. Zac was the MC and at the end took of his clothes and did this routine with Garrett. They won $300 because of this dance.
Pictures Oklahoma Pictures & Performance/Cast
Snow!. It was a tough winter. These pictures are from the beginning of the year when the snow kept falling. Chicago 12/2004 - A great trip to the American Girl store in Chicago for Jaesa and a bunch of her cousins
Football 2004 - a bunch of pictures from last season at Spanish Springs High School Thriller - Spanish Springs High School Advanced Dance Class - May 12, 2005
"punked" (video) - project for Spanish Springs High School Pep Assembly 2004. Authored by Zac, Ben, Josh & Mike Garrett's Birthday & Powderpuff Football. Check out the cheerleaders! - May 20, 2005
"All er Nothin'" from the play "Oklahoma" at Spanish Springs High School, May 1, 2005 (video) Zachary receiving "Best Thespian" Award on May 12, 2005 (Video)
"All That Jazz" from "Chicago" video - May 12, 2005 "Kansas City" from the play "Oklahoma" at Spanish Springs High School, May 1, 2005 (video)
"I Cain't Say No" from the play "Oklahoma" at Spanish Springs High School, May 1, 2005. Kara McNally was great as "Ado Annie" and this is Jaesa's favorite song these days. I am not sure what I should think about that.  
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